My Resume is Updated

After being contacted today by a staffing agency in West Allis today, I updated my Resume (finally).  I have aquired some skills from my current job that are valuable to the company.  I am hoping for a new Job that pushes my abilities to new heights, so that I can exceed my own expectations of what I can accomplish.  I enjoy making programs that enrich the users and allow managers and employees to focus on the goals of the company rather than being over-occupied with using the computer.

Start of a New Blog

I decided to host my own web page from a home server.  This blog is on wordpress, but I am hoping I can steal it and host it locally.  We’ll see about that.  This will have to do for now.

This image was captured with motion on my server only capturing pixels that are moving.  I will try to have a live cam feed on my website as well!